Margram Discovery Centre Park

Well your probably thinking what is and where is the Margram Discovery Centre Park well I’m going to tell you all about it.

On the 11th – 13th May I went to Margram Discovery centre with a few friends and a few other people that I got to know. This was part of my animal care level 2 course and it was mostly based on biology.

They had a mini farm and lots of walking routes at Margram Discovery Centre we saw them when walking and met varies dogs and their owners. They where polite chatty people and very happy and active dogs.

Why we where away we did varies activities and they where all good fun and we learned some interesting things from doing theses activities.

This is what we did…

– pond dipping

– mud run

– animal behaviour observations, I did mine on ducks

– bat detecting

– we held and looked at some deer antlers and did a lesson them

– we did lots of walking up and down hills

– Mammal Trapping, we made sure the traps where warm with straw and food for all types of species and food they could get fluids from as we set them the night before and checked them the next morning and let them free again.

– we also had magnified jars and we went looking in the grass land and woods looking for bugs and looked at them close up and ticked them off a list. This was so we could learn about them and see the population of Certain species.

– we made and had a bonfire and cooked marsh mellows and chocolate digestive biscuits on fresh stick from a tree. My lecturer made a chocolate biscuit and marsh mallow sandwich it taste so good.

About Margram Discovery Centre

The Margram Discovery centre is in South Wales and it is based amongst walking routes and fields, wild life.

The Centre Is a public attraction and a nice place to go for the day. They also use the Centre for education purposes but they teach you outside and do practical activity lessons which makes it more fun and interesting than being in a class room.

You can go there just for the day or for 1 – 7 days and they have rooms that you can stay in and an on suite bath room if your there for more than 1 day

The Chefs cook the food for breakfast and tea. You make your own wrap , Baguette or bun sandwiches for dinner in the morning and put them in your rooms until dinner.

There is always a member of staff on site 24/7 if you have any questions or issues and if you go as a group you are given instructors for the whole time your there.

All the staff are very helpful and kind. I give it 5 stars

I had an awesome time and highly recommend Margram Discovery Centre


Apps I use to blog

Today I am going to tell you apps I use for blogging

The first one of is social media

I use snap seed to edit my photos for my blog post and social media plat forms. Splice is a free and quick and easy video edit app. As I sometimes make small videos

Hype type is an app for typing text on and you can use different movements and colours on the text. Bloglovin well almost everyone knows what blog lovin is and i use blog lovin to post stuff on and to follow other bloggers.

I am an iOS user and kindle user so I just use the usual notes app for ideas for my blog and to plan blog post

Tumblr is an app that I sometimes use and is very useful. I can get ideas and inspiration from this app

These are all the apps I use for blogging. If you have any question or ideas let me know. If you enjoyed this blog post leave a comment below and I will reply or like your comment.

Sunshine Bloggers Award

Thank you Jack Deyes for nominating me for the sunshine bloggers award. Your blog is fantastic and you make interesting and fun blog post , keeping doing an amazing Job.

Jacks blog is here –

The Sunshine bloggers award is created by bloggers for bloggers to support one another and to spread all the love and happiness that this amazing blogging community has. When you are nominated for this award by the blogger who nominated you they will leave you some questions.

The questions you find are questions for you to do when you make your blog post based on the Sunshine Bloggers Award. You also have to nominate other bloggers as well.

1.What do you love about blogging?

I love blogging because I am a creative person and I can be creative in my own space on my blog and because I like being apart of the blogging community.

2.How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging for 3years

3.What tips and advice would you give to new bloggers?

– I would suggest looking into blogging and decide on what your blog is about.

– What you want it to be called and what plat form you are going to use.

4.What 3 of  Your blog posts is your  favourite?

1 – A day at long leat

2 – My tips of dealing with feeling , thoughts , anger

3 – The day I started blogging I was thinking …

5.Do you have any pets, if yes then what pet do you have and if you don’t have a pet what pet would you love to have ?

I have four cats 3 males 1 female , 2 black cats & 2 tabby cats

6.What and who inspired you to start blogging ?

The one thing that inspired me to start blogging was seeing other people do it and I decided it would be a great way for me to be even more creative , I also read other blogs before I started blogging and I still do. There are a few people who inspired me to start blogging. One being My best friend the 2nd one was a well know blogger poppy Deyes.

I nominate

Megan @mbetblog

Ashleigh @thestoryofash6

H Unloaded @hunloadedxox

my questions are to you

  1. When and why? Did you start your blog
  2. What was your blog about when you first started and what is your blog about now?
  3. What are 3 things you like about the blogging community?
  4. What was your first ever blog post? & what is your most recent blog post?
  5. What would you say to a new blogger to help them out?

8 things I can’t blog with out

1 – My kindle , my kindle is good to use for blogging because it’s portable and has good battery life and easy to use , also plenty of memeory.

2 – IPhone i use my iPhone to take photos and edit them.

3 – A planner to write ideas and plan blog post.

4 – Blog readers , viewers and followers everyone who comes under these give me the courage and inspiration to blog and keep blogging , I enjoy blogging its fun and kinda an something to be proud of and a fantastic community.
5 – Social media for many reasons my blog readers , community and interation and friends

6- WordPress app of course

7 – Family and friends they give you feed back , support and ideas and could even read my blog (I’m not sure if they do!)

My 2018 goals

My 2018 goals

I am going to tell you some of the things I want to aim to do this year

1. The first thing I want to do this year is volunteer for multiple reasons , these reasons are because it gives me a break from course work and because it will be fun and I’ll be helping an organisation.

2. I want to officially start my training program to become a first aided once they have done all the checks and stuff they have to do.

3. I want to learn to drive as this will open so many more doors as you are aware and so many other reasons.

4. Try and learn a new language!

I’m not great with New Year resolutions so I decided to do 2018 goals instead as this gives me more of a Chance to achieve these goals.

These photos are from pexels

How I spend my weekend

How I spend my weekend when I don’t have any plans.

With being back at college I tend to spend some of my days off and weekends doing home work or course work and other things that need doing.

If I don’t have much todo then I will just have a chilled day

random fact – I am doing Animal Care Level 2 and it’s exam based but I still enjoy doing this

once I have done everything I will spend time chilling and with family (if it’s a busy weekend or day)

 If I have a productive weekend I will chill out in the evenings and if I’m feeling a bit meh I will have me time in the evenings. 

Methods of focusing why doing paper work

Methods of focusing why doing paper work 

I am going to do a blog post about using different methods to focus and get that Not so interesting paper work & work done. 

To start of with these are the three things I personally use …

I am a student and I find it hard to focus sometimes like many other students so if I’m at home I will …

1 listen to music either with headphones or outloud

2. Watch / listen to a YouTube video 

3. Listen to podcast 

4. Watch / listen to a movie

5. Talk to someone on call usually 
I find either one of these help me depending what I’m doing and how I feel at the time. 

Let me know what you do to focus or give these a try and let me know what you think?? In the comment section or on social media. Did you like this blog post??