January Goals

Since it’s near the end of 2018 I am going to do goals for January as I just want to enjoy the rest of November and December. I have done the Price’s Trust Program this year and I have become a lot more confident in myself and trying new things. These are my goals for … More January Goals

Life update! 

Hello and welcome! I haven’t blogged In a while so I thought I would up date you all I got my level 1 & 2 in animal care at college, after level 2 I decided to leave. I then had some time free why I found something to do in the mean while I came … More Life update! 

Evening routine

So I thought you might like to know how I unwind and zone out for the night. So here we go… I start by zoning out from social media then I put either comfy clothes on or pjs and do my teeth and wash my face. This is only a short blog post but it’s … More Evening routine